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Halotestin whose generic name is Fluoxymesterone is enormously powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid. This extremely strong anabolic steroid was formerly used for the muscle wasting treatment, lean tissue repair, healing bone fractures, androgen deficiency for the men and malnutrition. Earlier times it was regularly used for the treatment of prolonged exposure to paraplegia, cortisone, breast cancer and for the treatment for burn victims. Not like the other anabolic steroids, this particular steroid has been used both for men and women.


The most common and familiar use of the Halotestin is in the world of performance enhancement. It is considered as one of the most powerful as well as fast acting steroids available in the market. But it is not used by a lot of steroid users as it will not put up a lot of mass in spite of huge anabolic rating. In fact for mass promotion his steroid won’t do much. This steroid is immensely known as the raw strength steroid and it is also used as cutting cycles. However, this drug is generally used by many body builders as supplement for last few days before any competition. The reason is that it can create some good conditioning effects and support in pushing to the end of the brutal diet.

How to use this steroid:

This steroid dosage is determined on the basis of an individual’s physical condition, response to treatment and testosterone blood level.
It is generally taken by mouth with or without food, as directed by the doctor it has to be taken 1 to 4 times every day.
In order to get the utmost benefit from this steroid, it is advisable to use it regularly.
In case of using this medication for the extended time, it will be harmful to stop taking it all of a sudden as the body will not be able to produce testosterone in that condition and as its consequence some withdrawal reaction may be occur.
As this steroid is being frequently used for the muscle enhancing effects, some abnormal drug seeking behaviors may take place for it. So it is highly recommended not to increase its dose. In case one needs to get more of its benefits, he can take it more frequently or take for longer time than prescribed first rather than enhance its doses.

Halotestin for sale:

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