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It is one of the most commonly used steroids. Stanozolol is well known under the trade name Winstrol. It is a 17-alkylated steroid II. (Non-Receptor) type available primarily in oral but also in veterinary injection form (Winstrol V in the US and Winstrol Depot in Europe). In medical practice, it is used against angioedema (allergic eczema). First reports about Stanozolol came back in 1959, and he was soon widespread in sports and medicine.
-the therapeutic dose is only 5-10mg !!!
- is a DHT derivative
It does not harmonize, even has a slightly anti-estrogenic effect
- quite strongly increases protosynthesis
- Is in oral and injectable form
- It is also proven that injecting Winstrol after it is discharged causes much greater acne than the oral form of stanozolol.
- Only a therapeutic dose of 6 mg can break the lipid profile (about 30%). So increase the bad and lower the good cholesterol. Therefore, when using stanozolol, it is advisable to take nutritional supplements that are beneficial to cholesterol.
- people often ask if injectable Winstrol can drink, the answer is YES, it can be sacked, but we will have the same effect as if you were taking tablet stanozolol, which is definitely not worth paying.


- Ordinary doses are 30-50 mg daily or 100-300 mg weekly injections every other day. There are known cases of athletes who took 100 mg / day and mention of the significant effect of these doses on the volume of muscle mass. However, this dosage can not be recommended from a health point of view.
Veterinary injectable form of stanozolol is considered to be more effective than oral but it is an aqueous solution which is very painful. The athletes are therefore more likely to drink stanozolol (to be shaken before use because the white milk layer of stanozolol is set on the day!). Oral use of the injection does not change the effectiveness because the stanozolol injection is like 17-alkylated tablets. Women use stanozolol quite often, however, virilizing effects may occur even at low dosages (4-8 mg per day in tablets).
Because of a lower level of hepatotoxicity, such as Dianabol, stanozolol can be taken up to about 8 weeks. However, due to the dramatic determination of blood lipid values, stanozolol is not suitable for frequent and / or long-term use. At higher doses (50 mg), it is undoubtedly better to shorten the cycle to 6 weeks.
The metabolites of stanozolol can currently be detected up to 5 months after the last use.

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Buy Stanozolol

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