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For the treatment of obesity, Sibutramine are generally used by people. Reduction of calorie diet can be managed in the process. Chemical creates an impression of decreased hunger in brain. Due to nature of a combination drug, it can be utilized by oversized people to decrease weight. The medication falls in the class of appetite suppressant.
The medication can be obtained in the form
of oral pill in order to administer through mouth. Sibutramine is taken after food consumption or without food consumption. It must be consumed at least once in a day to show effect. Similar time can be fixed everyday for the medication in order to obtain excellent result.

In the beginning, low dosages of Sibutramine are prescribed by the doctors. Boost to the dosage can be observed with due time. Generally, low dosages are continued for about a month. For a person with side effects, decrease in dosages can be prescribed after some time as well. Morning dosages are advised to avoid problems of sleeping. For a missing dose, person must not tension. It can be skipped in order to follow the original plan from subsequent day.
Loss of weight takes place quite naturally with consumption of Sibutramine. Helpful quality of the drug is widely seen in case of a diet program for athletes and body builders. Monitoring process of weight is very necessary. In the initial days, if you do not lose weight to minimum four pounds then physician must be consulted. Alteration in the dosages is done without adequate result.
However, Sibutramine may not show its result on everyone. It is important to make decision on the amount of weight you are trying to lose. Decision about ceasing the course can be made accordingly. After losing weight, you should continue with the Sibutramine. Due to abrupt stop in the medication process, weight can be gained. Therefore, proper precaution must be taken before making choice. Absorption of the medication is done through GI Tract. Performance of the drug reaches its highest point within an hour.


In order to start the medication of Sibutramine, you must let the physician know about your allergies. If you are taking any drug then it must be informed as well. Sometime advice is given to start the other medication after two weeks of weight reduction treatment. Herbal product used for weight loss must be informed as well.  If you are pregnant then the drug must be avoided.

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