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Product: Sustanon 250
Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals
Quantity: 250 mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml
Steroid cycle: bulking
Active substance: Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Isocaproate, Testosterone Decanoate


Sustanon Magnus is the testosterone compound that comprises of 4 different ester supported testosterones. At the beginning of this article one misconception should be clarified that Sustanon doesn’t carry any super power than the other testosterone forms. Like others, it has the general characteristics of a testosterone hormone with powerful anabolic and androgenic properties. This drug was first developed with the purpose of hormone replacement therapy. The purpose of producing this drug is to create one testosterone which is characterized with active releasing hormone from the injection point for many weeks at a steady and constant rate. To achieve such end now this compound can keep the effective flow of testosterone through the user’s body and automatically administer the hormones every 3 to 4 weeks.

The Benefits:

The greatest benefit of taking this steroid is to raise the ability to provide testosterone for the extended period time.
For the performance enhancers, as Sustanon-250 offers the dose that reduces when time goes by, it needs to be injected every three days with minimal dose for getting the optimal benefits especially in the competitions.
Sustanon  greatly increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in the muscles which helps to the growth and preservation of muscles and body.
It helps to increase red blood cells and anabolic IGF 1 hormone which play key factors for the performance games.

Magnus Pharmaceticals:

Magnus Pharmaceuticals is one of the biggest private laboratory in India. Their products are laboratory tested in the highest quality. Do not buy steroids from some unknown underground laboratories, buy steroids from Magnus. Every products has security code, so you can check the authenticity online at official site.

Cycles and Doses:

Testosterone is normally well accepted for any healthy adult men who are going to use it. As this hormone testosterone is naturally produced in the body, the body is accustomed to and in this steroid. Sustanon 250 is the steroid that can be used for any type of cycle- be it bulking or cutting or by self building cycles of the steroid users. While massing several anabolic androgenic steroids together, the natural ability to produce testosterone is stopped. Therefore it is important to store some testosterone for proper body functioning and adding beneficial anabolic is really helpful in this regard.
For those who are using Sustanon 250 as a part of the testosterone replacement program, every 2 to 4 weeks 250mg dose is normal. But it is always suggested to consult with the doctor to determine the dose. For the purpose of performance enhance, the thumb 500 mg of this steroid is considered perfect for the beginners and base level. And for the hardcore users, the dose of 1000mg per week is fairly common for the bodybuilding circles especially them who are in the realm of competition.

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