Turanabol (Turinabol) British Dragon

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Product: Turanabol
Manufacturer: British Dragon
Quantity: 10 mg/tablet
Pack: 200 tablets
Steroid cycle: bulking
Active substance: Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone


Turinabol has come to know as Oral or Pro Turinabol among the user. The steroid has been created as a derivative to Dianabol. However, the quality of water retention cannot be accomplished through the process. In addition, there is no side effect from estrogen within the steroid. High performance is ensured at a relatively slow pace.
During 1960s, Turinabol has been manufactured in East Germany for the sportspersons in competitive games like Olympic. Official manufacturing of the steroid has been ceased. However, it can be still obtained through underground labs.

Steroid Achievement

Due to slow nature of the steroid, dramatic effect cannot be observed in terms of weight and body mass. It shows excellent result after some time. Quality of body mass achieved through the steroid is great for a performer. Tension of side effects can be eliminated as it shows lack of estrogenic consequence. Preservation of water has been kept under control to reduce the hazard of gymnecomastia. Accumulation of hard muscle can be felt as a result of lack of water retention in body.

Toxic effect can be observed within liver with the presence of 17-alpha alkylated. Control over clotting of blood can be managed with Turinabol as well. Negative effects are presented rarely with this steroid. Still, high dosages must be avoided. It can cause threat to the natural production of Testosterone.

Surveys and tests have been conducted on both the male as well as female athletes to show results. Due to consumption of the steroid over a period of six weeks, negative effects are not seen. However, the dosages are kept within 10 mg. Binding of the steroid is not lessened with low dosages. Reduction of SHBG is observed in additional to ready production of Testosterone.

However, it cannot be viewed as an apt steroid for women. Side effects of insufferable nature are observed with this steroid.

Way Back

Turinabol has fallen in to hands of athletes once again. It has been claimed as an innovative sexy drug. However, the hidden weapon has been stored for a long time in the labs of East Germany. Comfortable element of strength has made the drug applicable for mass use. Conversion of estrogen is not managed with the process. The steroid has been proved to be beneficial at the time of cutting diet as well. Each day about 40 mg can be taken by people. However the dosages can be divided to release pressure slowly.

Turinabol and Dianabol

Similarity can be located with both the steroid. Addition of 4-chloro has made difference between the duo. Turinabol comes with less anabolic and no androgenic quality to show inequality. Therefore, estrogenic activity is avoided with Tbol. Dry gains are expected slowly with the steroid. At the other side, Dianabol has achieved extreme amount of aromatization to present huge gain of body mass in limited duration.

In the article, effects and side effects are of Turinabol has been shown to make better decision during selection. Research is a part of buying process. Therefore, it must be done accordingly.

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