Mesviron 25 Genesis (Mesterolone)

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Product: Mesviron 25 
Manufacture: Genesis
Quantity: 25 mg/ tablet
Pack: 100 tablets
Steroid cycle: antiestrogens & PCT
Active substance: Mesterolone


Active Life: 12 hours.
Detection Time: 5-6 weeks
Average Dose: 25-200mg per day

Mesterolone (Mesviron 25) is excellent compound to use especially in conjunction with Anavar. Will elevate mood, increase libido and general sense of well being. Proviron has mild anti estrogen properties which can help combat elevated estrogen on cycle (which can cause breast tissue). Excellent addition to PCT protocol aswell although not vital. Proviron in its early days was intended for use as a very mild anti depressant before becoming increasingly useful to bodybuilders.

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