Tamoxifen Citrate Genesis

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Product: Tamoxifen Citrate Tablets
Manufacturer: Genesis
Quantity: 10 mg/ tablet
Pack: 100 tablets
Steroid cycle: antiestrogens & PCT
Active substance: Tamoxifen Citrate


Active life: 5-7 days.
Detection time: 6 weeks, all traces of Tamoxifen will be out of your system for purposes of drug testing – urine/blood samples.
Average Dose: 20mg per day can be taken during cycle to combat nipple sensitivity and early signs of gyno. 20-80mg per day should be used and tapered down for a successful 4 week PCT. Example would be: Week One – 60mg per day, Week Two – 40mg per day, Week Three – 20mg per day, Week Four – 20mg per day.

One of the most important compounds of any PCT (Post Cycle Therapy), Tamoxifen stimulates the release or production of natural testosterone. Tamoxifen also prevents post cycle gyno and can be used while on cycle to reduce water retention or nipple sensitivity.

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